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Personal Wish Tunes is a mobile app that combines high-quality music, personalization and creative details to enable users to create countless original and personal messages or invitations to contacts all around the globe. Creating a Personal Wish Tune is quick and easy, with great effects!

Personal Wish Tunes differs from other apps by the available personalized name songs!

Choose one of the hundreds name songs and make your Wish Tune more special. Give your best friends a scare with a Halloween tune, in which he is personally called in a threatening sound scape or surprise your mother on her birthday with a song that seems to be written specially for her. Give your Wish Tune a finishing touch by adding your own photo, and write a personal message on the card.

It is free! No paid cards or closed themes. The complete app is at your disposal!

Personal Wish Tunes consists of a lot of general subjects like Birthday, Good Luck and Get Well Soon, but there are also special themes available like, Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, New Year or the Olympics. During these theme weeks, special songs and sound scapes are recorded by our artists and special cards are designed. This way, you will always be up-to-date!

Send your Personal Wish Tunes worldwide with your smartphone to other Wish Tune users, you Facebook friends, your phone contacts (by text or email) or WhatsApp contacts!

Stop looking for a letterbox to send a boring card. Take a picture or turn you selfie into a picture postcard from your hammock or that fantastic restaurant in Barcelona. Improve your card with sound scapes from breaking waves, a beautiful city or a crackling barbecue and make everyone jealous with your "Greetings from Gambia", "Love from London" or "Cheers from my backyard".

Send your Wish Tune instantly to your contacts or a selection from your contacts.

Plan your wedding, baby shower, sweet-sixeen party or invite some friends over for a drink. Send invitations with the Wish Tunes app: choose your theme, take a picture or select an existing one, write a nice text and add the sound of a laughing baby or partying people. Send this invitation to friends you select. Let people that stay behind know what they miss by sending them a selfie with sound, or thank the people that were present at your party with a "Thank You" card the next day.

All Wish Tunes will always be available. All Wish Tunes that you've received are available in your personal inbox in the app.
The app language will adapt to the user's language. Currently, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch are supported. English is the default language, and more languages will be available in the near future.
Choose if you want to share a message on social media.
New content will be available every month: new songs, new name tunes, new cards and new themes!
Make sure you enable push notification, so you will never miss an update of tunes, cards or soundscapes!


- The app was built to work on Android devices as of Android 4.0.
- The app requires iOS version 6 or higher.
- The app requires a reliable internet connection.